This was preceeded by the words "Watch what I can make this n00b do!". Said n00b died in a humourous way and caused much hilarity in keeping with our finest traditions, thereby ensuring their place in Fight Club. Since those humble beginnings in the MMOFPS Planetside back in 2003 we've moved out of our basements and into the general unwashed internet populace, where no-one can tell we stink. We are a group who have as many mottos as we do members, but one that consistently describes our attitude is this: Growing old is mandatory. Growing up? Optional.

In Planetside we worked together as a team to take down objectives, roll armour columns, mass air power, and feed the cat, but by far our speciality was dropping into hostile territory and causing havoc in enemy bases while giggling like idiots and screaming "ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY PINT?!". Our infamous Pint nights prompted many a sigh amongst the enemy forces (and not a few in our own from people with no sense of humour) but exemplified our main strength of having fun while still being organised and able to make a difference. If you're not enjoying a game, you're not playing it right.

Many of us are older these days and have jobs, families, and the dreaded bills, but we can still be found making a nuisance of ourselves in various online games where our particular brand of humour and co-operation can bring us a fun time. The plus side of this is we don't take ourselves seriously, we don't demand attendance to organised nights, and we're happy for people to drop in and out as suits them. If this sounds like the sort of thing you'd want to be involved in, congratulations! You're already part-way to being a member! Come say hi on the forum and let us know what games, if any, you want to join in with and we'll try and at least warn you before kingAmbulance comes round for the non-mandatory (mandatory) trouser inspection...

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